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About MMPT

Multi modal public transport (MMPT) is a chain of public transport trips which using two or more transport modes, which have combined and interconnected transfer points. By combining and synchronizing public transport modes, time for changing modes can be saved, and changing modes can be more convenient and easy.

However, Multimodal public transport (MMPT) is a relative new approach of transport in developing countries.

Many cities in developing countries have congestion problems. Numerous suspected causes among other things are over supplied public transport, many routes on certain road, on street parking, and long queue of buses, waiting for passengers at intersections. These common transportation problems in the world deteriorate many cities, which gives an environmental impact. Therefore sustainable transport is expected to bring better environment.

Multimodal Public Transport system has integrated system that can be competitive to private cars, and can be expected to attract many car users.  For that reason, multimodal public transport system can be used as one of many ways to achieve sustainable transport in terms of  reducing number of car uses, reducing excessive number of public transpor by imposing integrated, effective and efficient public transport modes. By reducing a great number of private car use and effective use of public transport, pollution rate can be lessened, thus sustainable transport can be obtained. Therefore recently, there is a need of modern transportation to develop integrated transport modes

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